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Young Sir

Today’s youth has big goals for the future. It is important to support and nurture their ideas and goals and guide them in the right direction in life. That’s why I make it a point to come out to support the youth around me; to show them that they matter and their ideas are important. Building up the younger generation’s confidence is key in their development. Hope Watkins is one of the people who I see really supporting up and coming young talent. I love the different events she holds for the kids such as fashion shows and performances. The kids can really be themselves and show their personalities.

Young Sir KidRecently they held a launch party/fashion show for one of my favorite young men, Young Sir aka TJ’s, clothing line. TJ has attended my radio show a few times with another up and coming artist Flexx Bands. He’s one of the sweetest and biggest personalities you will ever meet.TJ is nine years old and in the fourth grade. He told me he chose the name Young Sir because he liked it and would want to take his brand international.

Participants in the fashion show ranged from all ages, sizes and styles. Young Sir said his favorite part of the event was when he and his friends danced in the show. I told him to bust me some moves on the spot and of course he did, there’s no fear in that one. He’s got moves too! Wearing a red and gold sparkling shirt with textures shelves, TJ looked fresh. Listening to him talk about his hopes and dreams during our interview made me so proud of him.

I did also see a lot of other familiar faces showing love for Young Sir at this event. Hosted by my girl ShayOmg, P-Dot, and Team Money Hungry among many others were in attendance. It is important for the older generation to provide a good example of what the younger generation have to look forward too. I missed P-Dots performance but I know the kids loved it because she puts on a good show.

The kids were all dressed in Young Sir’s colorful, sparkly outfits posing and dancing.

Young Sir KidsThey were so adorable and happy such a good vibe in the atmosphere. I arrived towards the end of the event in order to interview my little homie for his big day. Hope was pressing out shirts for everyone, she owns the company Gladiator Clothing that makes the Young Sir Clothing and the day of the event was their one year anniversary. DJ Breezy on the 1’s and 2’s, Flexx Bands was doing his thang and all the wonderful little fashion models really made it all come together.
Truly, it was so nice to be around people that encourage our youth to do things they love; dancing, modeling, performing. I wish there was more adults as enthusiastic about life and living it to the fullest. So check out Young Sir the Movement on instagram for more info.



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