There’s More Than Music in the Air

Theres More Than Music in the Air

Being in the entertainment industry, you meet a lot of people and see a lot of faces. You never know who you will meet or who you will make a connection with. When I first met Candi aka “Blue Raspberry,” she visited my radio show for an interview with a group of other people. Live on air she rocked out with her killer voice and gave us a taste of the music she’s put out in the past but we will get to that later. Sweet hearted and full of smiles, it’s always nice to see her face. So when she contacted me about some new projects she was working on, I was excited to get together and hear all about it. We decided to meet for dinner and she told me she was bringing someone along.

When we arrived at the restaurant she had a familiar face, Konphlict from the Almighty Dreadnaughtz. He is a producer, writer, emcee, and a really funny guy from the Detroit area! He joined the Almighty Dreadnaughtz super group in 1991 and has been going hard for music ever since. To say the least, I couldn’t wait to have dinner with these two; they are seriously some great people! Over dinner we discussed life, music, work, and even love. The more we talked, the more I observed the chemistry between them; they are a wonderful couple to share company with.

Eager to tell me about their new project together “BluePhlict,” a combination of both of their styles, they told me they had featured on each other’s own projects such as Konphlicts new album Smoke Signal which Blue Raspberry is featured on and her project SoulGazmik which Konphlict is featured on. I could tell this project was really meaningful to them and they were excited for the world to hear it. They told me a little bit about their history; about how they met in September of this year. They also expressed to me that they’d reached a point of sheer happiness.

I think everything happens for a reason. Candi being from New Jersey, got discovered in Atlantic City while she was working with a group you may know called Wu-Tang. They gave her the name “Blue Raspberry” and she was their in-house female vocalist. Singing on countless Wu-Tang classics, it was her music career that brought her here to Detroit and that’s how she met Konphlict. Currently she is involved on projects with Nick Speed, Big Sean and Raekwon. Also working with a bunch of other talent you may know such as Kenny Flav, Iron Fist records, Gabe Gonzales, and doing shows with Styles P and Talib Kweli. Keeping herself busy with music and love, you can see the glow of happiness all around her.

One thing she did say that really stuck with me was how much she thought of Detroit as home, how everyone has made her feel like she is a part of Detroit, and how dearly she loves all the friends and family she has here. Now that she lives here, she loves working with everyone and how naturally it all comes to her. With new projects dropping both from Blue Raspberry and Konphlict soon and their album together, BluePhlict, coming to you this summer, there is much to look forward to. I’m so excited they shared what’s going on in their life with me; not only about the music but their love life as well. Who doesn’t love a good love story? Stay tuned for the wedding date!

You can find music from Blue Raspberry on YouTube, Datpiff and almost on any streaming site imaginable.



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