Rock and Roll Breaks Hearts with Scott from Saving Abel

After undergoing two extensive heart surgeries, Scott Barlett, the lead guitarist from rock band Saving Abel, has made a breakthrough recovery with his new pace maker/heart monitor and is feeling new again. Scott’s doctors were able to find the source of what was causing his heart to beat irregularly and burn it off with a special laser. Ready to go back on tour after recovery, Saving Abel will be touring with Puddle of Mud in a Rock collaboration.

The tour will start this March, last approximately five to six weeks, and then Saving Abel will be packing up and heading overseas for another tour. The band has created some new music due the events with Scott’s conditions and life experiences that will be released on this new tour and the singles will be released one at a time. Since rock and roll has broken Scott’s heart, he has written a new song called “Rock and Roll Breaks Hearts,” which will link in with the new album “Blood Stain Revolution.” Saving Abel will be performing March 25 at Harpo’s in Detroit.

As well as the band tour, Scott has his own clothing line SB’s Creations, found at The clothing line is coinciding with some of his tattoo ink work and, as he gets more ink, additional designs will be made for his clothing line. Scott also has a charity called “Rock and Roll Breaks Hearts.” The charity benefits young children who are going through heart surgery and the complications of the whole process. Focusing on the positive, this foundation will be bringing light into the world of growing children experiencing heart conditions. Scott’s charity, with Saving Able, is focused on saving the lives of kids with heart conditions. What a great way to give back to the community that has helped build their empire today.

Follow Saving Abel with the links down below and find the tour dates near you.

Rock Scott’s look with his clothing line, and please take the time to donate to the foundation they have set up for the little ones with the biggest hearts who need your help to make a brighter future.

Facebook: @savingabel
Instagram: @officialsavingabel@thesavingabel
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