Putting Paint Where it Ain’t

Heidelberg Polka Dot Rebellion

A stroll through Detroit is a trek through a treasure trove of passion and creativity. From the historic architecture to the illegal graffiti, the city is covered in inspiration for budding artists and for art lovers. Detroit is a blue collar town famous for its hardworking spirit but we have a rich artistic history and we’re home to some of the best artists in the world from traditional canvas painters to industrial sculptors to body painters.

The great thing about the city is that our art isn’t only contained in the Midtown Shops and Uptown galleries, talent flows down our streets. If you want to visit our neighborhood art houses that’s fine too, take a peek inside Sherwood Art Gallery in Sherwood Forest and you’ll discover breathtaking works from nationally and internationally recognized artists such as 18-year-old Ackeem Salmon who has a running exhibit at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Yes we do museums too, like the Museum of Contemporary Art and the world-renown DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts), home to a mural painted by the infamous Diego Rivera. He and wife Frida Kahlo spent a year in Detroit in the ‘30s (the museum featured Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit in 2015, one of their most popular exhibits).

The city hosts numerous art festivals throughout the year, including Belle Isle Art Fair, Art on the Grand and Dally in the Alley, which brings together artists and pieces from all over the world along with tasty food vendors and the familiar sounds of Motown, hip-hop, and jazz.  These showcases bring out the art students, young hipsters and seasoned art connoisseurs, all equipped with that unique Detroit swagger. But there’s no designated area to experience the goose bumps that good art can illicit; the whole city is a picture book. The old Packard Plant, Tiger Stadium, Hart Plaza, the old train yards –

it’s all an art lover’s playground.

Art programs are fading in schools and art collection has been on the decline with the slump of the economy but as the economy improves and people regain their appreciation and consideration of art and its importance in society, the opportunity for exploration grows.  This art section will be dedicated to introducing you to the artists, the galleries, and the artistic soul that permeates the city.



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