Nicely Toasted

Nicely Toasted

nicely-toasted-candyEver see something so delicious you couldn’t resist, where the presentation alone makes you smile with delight and knowing that what you are about to ingest is going to be everything you hoped for? What if, more importantly, it was made with love? On my quest to find the perfect edible, I’m always looking for great products that A- taste good and B- get the job done. That quest led me to Nicely Toasted Edible Company. Not only did I like Nicely Toasted Edibles, I found I had a lot in common with the owner. Nicely Toasted is a female owned and operated business by a mother and her two daughters. Much like my own business that is female owned and operated, these ladies pour their hearts into everything they do which is why I just had to try their goods. I would definitely say Nicely Toasted is dominating the edible game here in Michigan.

nicely-toasted-gummiesThe owner, a culinary graduate, started experimenting with edibles about ten years ago. Then, in 2012, she and her daughters started working on their passion full time. When I say Nicely Toasted is dominating the edible game here in Michigan, I mean they can be found in almost every dispensary in the state. Helping patients with aliments from fibromyalgia to cancer, quality is a must and I assure you they have it. Nicely Toasted offers tasty treats ranging from hard candy, to s’mores, cookies, and their most popular product, slutty brownies which are half cookie-half brownie. Personally I love their newest products which are caramel apple suckers and toasty turtle’s yummmm yum! But my favorite creations they make are these adorable sugar cookies with the shape of a little weed man indented in them, so creative! The first time I saw them I thought they were so cute and they even made Santa ones for Christmas. Now that’s the kind of presentation I’m talking about.

nicely-toasted-cookieWhen I asked the owner what her goals where for the future, she said what every business owner wants…to expand. She wants to bring her medical marijuana treats to everyone who needs them. “It’s important to bring people a quality product at a good price” she told me. Because of the limitations the state of Michigan has put on these products, it’s difficult for any small edible business to expand or even survive for that matter. With the new bills that have passed, the law makes it hard for edible companies to afford to get needed supplies, especially since now they have to purchase their medical marijuana or trim directly from the state.

The only thing we can do now is wait

Wait for marijuana to become legal for everyone so these small business can have the opportunity to grow and thrive. These businesses give hope to patients in need and are importantly, for people who are suffering when all else fails. Nicely Toasted sets the standard in quality and presentation in the MMMP community.

Find nicely toasted on instagram @nicelytoasted2015 or your local medication stations.



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