Homegrown from a Concerned Mother

Homegrown from a Concerned Mother

I am not an expert nor do I have a degree or sell anything for financial gain, I’m just a mother trying to do what is right for my family. All day every day, we are exposed to toxins- from the products we put on our skin to the food we put in our mouths. Even the air we breathe and the modern medicine we trust is and can be toxic. All of us are guilty of being so busy that we have to lean on a lifestyle of convenience and in doing so, we have overlooked the damage we have done not only to our bodies but our planet. My family is not 100% organic all of the time; sometimes we do indulge in things we know aren’t the best for us but moderation is key.

DIY Homegrown GardenYears ago I had sporadic health problems, nothing terribly major but enough to be a nuisance. I mainly suffered from digestive and allergy issues. In seeing a medical doctor, I found myself taking prescription after prescription on top of being subjected to a multitude of tests. I wasn’t getting healthy. I decided to start a process of elimination along with the help of a holistic doctor. I went off of all medications and started a natural approach to good health. I had to change my daily living or big agriculture and big pharmaceuticals were going to win, leaving me medicated, miserable, and unhealthy. I began with using essential oils, natural supplements, and eating less processed foods. This is where the real research began and I was mortified to learn what my daily toxin intake looked like: High fructose corn syrup, massive amounts of sodium, GMO products, dyes, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals abounding in cleaning products, positive ions…the list goes on and on. We have to give our bodies a break!

Fresh caught wild fishI decided to the first big step, I started growing a garden and preserving everything I could. I can now dehydrate, can, and freeze as much homegrown food as I can grow. This makes for a busy Spring and Fall and it’s not easy work but at least I know where the bulk of my food is coming from. I know that it is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers because I learned how to compost naturally to feed my harvest. The next logical step was raising my own chickens for eggs and meat. Also, my husband stocks the deep freezer with fresh, wild caught fish and venison. We also buy our veal and pork from local farmers rather than big chain stores. The switch to organic can be an expensive one at first, and time consuming (there is a learning curve) but the long term results are well worth the cost, especially when compared to medical bills and grocery store receipts.

I know that some things just aren’t practical for everyone.

DIY Homegrown ChicksWe all have a budget of some sort but each little change is better than doing nothing at all. Something as simple as making your own laundry soap can make a difference; not only is it cost effective (approximately $4 for nine gallons) but it is free of a multitude of chemicals. Think about it, your skin is the largest organ on your body and it absorbs most everything it touches from the chemicals in the soap, body wash, or lotion you put on it to the chemicals you washed your clothes in and wear all day. Add air/environmental pollutants to the mix and it’s no wonder there are so many skin allergies and skin problems. Your skin is there to protect you but that protection is a two way street.
Free range chickensI have been doing my own research on toxin exposure for years and through trial and error I have come to realize you can’t believe everything you read or hear. Use your own judgment and find out what works for you and your family. Our society is less healthy today than it has ever been and people suffer from more allergies now than they ever have. Is that because we have become a chemically based society and have given in to eating food-like products instead of actual food? Just like anything else, follow the money trail- you better believe there are those who have a vested interest in keeping the populace unhealthy.

I am a concerned mom and I feed my family homegrown foods.



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