Eastern Market

Eastern Market

I remember the first time I went to Eastern Market a few years ago. I walked along the same path of sheds and store fronts that my grandma did as a child in the 1930s but Eastern Market has been around for so much longer. The market first opened near downtown Detroit in Cadillac Square in 1841 and moved to its now-home in 1891 where it has continued to grow and became the farmer’s market hub as we know it today. So much has changed between then and now but the same message still vibrates throughout, the community keeps us together.

On Saturday I checked my fridge and realized I needed some grub but I skipped the usual mega-chain grocery store trip & headed straight for Eastern Market. Though it was a close drive for me, it’s really easy to get to from I-75 by Wilkins and Russel. Parking was a breeze with plenty of lots surrounding the market but I did spot an abundance of bike racks for you cyclists out there. All in all, it seemed pretty accessible for people to get to.

Eastern Market BoothsI walked in with my reusable bags (not only does it help our environment but it’s sturdiness is hella convenient for carrying pounds of food) and got to shopping. Inside Shed 2 I see veggies upon veggies, handmade soaps, locally printed T-shirts and even mushrooms. I felt like a kid at the carnival, especially with the stand selling super-tempting popcorn in a variety of flavors. I walked in with only $15 and left with bags full of cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and even a few donuts! Yep, Eastern Market is SO pocket-book friendly you can kiss your “whole paycheck” trips good-bye! By the way, if you use a Bridge card, your buck is worth DOUBLE thanks to their participation in the Double Up Food Bucks program. There is also a meat packing district with great prices on beef, pork, chicken, and seafood.

Eastern Market is open every Saturday throughout the year.

You better believe I’m making this a weekly trip for myself. Oh, and save the date for Flower Day which is the Sunday after Mother’s Day and pick up a few plants to get your garden going this Spring.

Keep your eye on Eastern Market; now that Summer is right around the corner, all of the sights, sounds, smells, and the thrum of activity make the Eastern Market a great place to spend your Saturday mornings. Pick up a map, explore the beauty that is community, and keep this wonderful city alive.



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