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t money green

Recently, I started working with someone I like to refer as one of Detroit’s All Stars. Repping Detroit all over the world with that funky, funky bass is T Money Green or Tony as his friends call him. I met Tony through a radio station where we both perform our internet podcasts – We found out we have quite a few things in common and we started working together on a music project. As we get to know each other better, Tony has opened up and he tells me about his amazing experiences and what he’s doing now. Tony is looking to bring Detroit music to the next level through his knowledge and connections. So let me tell you a little bit about my man T Money Green…

t money green on stageAs a child, Tony picked up many instruments but it was the bass guitar that became his soul. Tony’s step father was a great Jazz bass player and he explained to me that it was seeing someone his age rock out on the bass that really inspired him to become an artist when he was 13 years old. Tony’s biological father, a Vietnam Veteran, used to spoil him and got Tony his first bass guitar. The day he got his bass he joined with a few of his friends and started a band. He said they only knew four songs and their first gig was at a sweet sixteen party where they played the same four songs over and over. When Tony was fourteen his biological father passed away which made him determined to make his father proud by becoming a successful musician.

I think he definitely did that, Tony has traveled all over the world and has played with many musicians such as the Dramatics, George Clinton, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Warren G. After playing with the Dramatics for over 20 years he went from playing love songs to dropping funky beats on rap music like Gin and Juice on Snoops Doggystyle album. He said his favorite adventure in the music business was when he went on three ninety day tours with Warren G travelling all over from Germany to France, Switzerland, Japan and more. You can even check out one of his videos filmed in London during the tours titled “Warren G Live in London” on youtube; Tony said it’s a dope vid!

Nowadays, anyone really reaching out that has good music, Tony wants to jump on. He’s doing it to elevate struggling artists but he’s also doing it for himself because he likes hearing his bass in everyone’s music, it makes him feel good to be a part of the process. Currently he’s working on new music with his friend DJ Sandman and artist EazieDaGod along with many others in and around the metro Detroit area.

Tony mentioned he’s never been part of the Detroit scene because he was traveling and on tour but now he is interested in seeing what Detroit has to offer. Despite also being in a band called the Road Work Crew, he is taking the time to circulate and work with artists of all kinds in the area to create music. Tony has been kind enough to let my friend and I create and rehearse in his space from time to time. We were talking about how important it is to have a space to create and feel comfortable in where you can just let loose and let it flow. Edward Tony Green is a great talent and a shining example of what you can do if you put heart and soul into what you love. He considers himself lucky to have started out when he did, when Hip Hop was young and emerging. And he certainly didn’t know what journey his life would take him on but he does see retirement in his future.

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