Charivari Detroit 2016 on Belle Isle

Charivari on Belle Isle

Charivari, a historical term that brought entire villages together for various purposes, originally featured lots of noise (banging of pots and pans, instruments), known as “rough music”, and used word-of-mouth to create the largest possible crowds.

Charivari Detroit is keeping much of that spirit alive with their third annual music festival to be held for the second year in a row on the beautiful Belle Isle. Featuring some of the finest DJ’s and musicians that the city has to offer, many of which have created and shaped what is now known as Techno and House music.

As a longtime fan of electronic music, I’ve picked my favorite artists for your listening pleasure for each day below:



Al Ester: There is a reason that he is the opening artist for the festival. One of the best-kept secrets in the Detroit scene, he is a master that will get the party grooving. (5pm. L’UOMO stage)
DJ Psycho: A master at mixing, scratching, and juggling. Can and does play just about anything and any genre, and it always seems like the perfect record to play at that time. Wins so many “Best DJ” awards at the DMA’s that they should just name the award after him and take him out of contention to let others win. (7pm. Institute Stage)
Mike Clark “Agent X”: A major force in the scene since the 80’s. He is an award winning DJ and Producer. Come see why he is known as the “Ambassador of House Music”. (6:30 Park Avenue Stage)



DJ Godfather: One of the originators of “ghettotech”, a beast behind the decks. Bring your dancing shoes. (7pm L’UOMO stage)
Golf Clap: These guys have been laying down some great House sets all over Detroit for years, and are getting some serious love in the festival circuit. (9pm. L’UOMO stage)
Gary Chandler: Another legend that is hard to catch live. Has been keeping Detroit moving to his mixes (Radio and Live) for years. Do yourself a favor and check him out, and see why he has always been one of my favorites. (10:30pm L’UOMO stage)



Bruce Bailey: A House music giant in the Detroit scene since the start. He is a DJ that every other DJ loves, for good reason. His track selection and skills are beyond reproach. Come see for yourself. (6:30pm L’UOMO stage)
Koncrete Jungle: These guys have been laying down the best Bass and Jungle music in Detroit for years. If you like Jungle music, this is not to be missed. If you’re not sure, come check it out, and see why they always have a crowd when the whole crew gets together. ( 5pm Park Avenue Stage)
Delano Smith: Closing out the main stage, and the festival, Delano Smith plays some of the most soulful house music I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. The man is up against Juan Atkins and Terrance Parker. It was a hard decision, but I will be listening to Delano. (10:30pm L’UOMO stage)
Come and celebrate the music that Detroit created with your friends. The party kicks off Friday, August 5th, and continues Saturday (6th) and Sunday (7th). Tickets are $55 dollars for the entire weekend. Kids 16 and under are free, as are Adults 60 and over.
Visit for more details and full lineup.



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