Angel Beau The Human Pincushion

Angle Beau
The human pincushion Angel Beau will be performing at Déjà Vu and Lil Darlings in Flint, MI on March 31 & April 1st!

Let’s talk about the why they call Angel the Human Pincushion. This gorgeous vixen has a pain tolerance beyond any girl or most guys I have ever met! Pain is her game. She punches thick needles with feathers on the end through her delicate skin, like a live piercing right before your eyes. Not only can she tolerate that kind of pain, she also walks on machetes!!! Can you say impressive? Yes, they are sharp and not dull whatsoever; I’ve personally seen them sharpened before her acts.

This daring doll also will jump and stomp on Legos, she plays with fire, and does angle grinding performances in her feature act. Angel is a true dare devil that loves to collect tips through the stapling punctures from her fans! Yes, if you pull out the big bucks, not singles or fives either, she will hand you her industrial stapler and allow you to staple the money to her body parts!!! I promise you have never seen an act like this live in person before.

Angel beau has also appeared in the Five Finger Death Punch music video “House of the Rising Sun” and “Crooked Steps” by Sound Garden. Angel Beau is a total rock revival at heart and loves heavy metal that matches her personality. A badass chick with body made of steel! She has also performed live on stage with Carl Cox, Dada Life, Rae Sremmurd, members of “Guns and Roses,” and Janes Addiction. Also, you may have seen her in Hustler Magazine and Hustlers Reality show “Boobyland.

On top of Angel Beau’s remarkable appearances she has won many titles in the feature circuit that keeps her booked all over the United States. Some of her titles include: 2015 EDI West Newcomer Feature of the Year, 2015 EDI West Most Extreme Show, 2015 FDNC Masters Grand Champion, 2015 Miss Exotic Showgirl USA, 2017 Miss Nude World- Americas Grand Champion, 2017 Miss Nude World-World Performer of the Year, 2017 Miss Fetish World and 2017 Miss Exotic Dancer June.

As you can see this starlet is on the rise and taking over America with her most original and unique shows.

Get to her show this weekend for live yet the most unbelievable performances you have ever seen! INDustry Detroit will also be covering a few of her acts live on their Facebook feed for those of you who are too chicken to get up close and personal with this Dare Devil Doll!!

Facebook: Miss Angel Beau
Instagram: iheartangelbeau



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